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About Dr. Bob

"I had excited students coming in and asking for books. I love that! Thanks so much."

--Jane Evans, Media Specialist, Morgan Elementary

"I believe your presentation was probably the best one we've had in many, many years."

--Raimy Hester; Media Specialist, Lincoln Elementary

"I appreciate you wanting to teach children curriculum through magic. You are one of a kind!"

--Candace Birdsong; Stony Point South Elementary

"Go Wild makes learning fun. The students recall vocabulary words from the presentation for weeks following."

--Sue Erisley; Morris Elementary

"You were excellent. Have you ever been a teacher? You kept 3, 4, and 5 year olds captive and excited for almost an hour!"

--Linda Noyes; Center of Grace Preschool

"I never knew that a possum was like a kangaroo. I learned so many things I never knew."

--Maurice; 5th Grader, Kansas City Kansas

"The show was extremely educational and worthwhile for the students."

--Amanda Brown; Ingels Elementary

"I'll go to the library and find books like those."

--Adena Connor; 5th Grader, Stony Point South

"The teachers all had positive comments and the students loved it. You made learning some pretty boring skills fun!"

--Brenna Caldwell, Library Media Specialist, Theyer Elementary

"I would not hesitate to book Bob again--and to ask my PTOs for funding. Everything was very positive and students and faculty feedback was excellent!"

--Susan Erickson, Media Specialist, Atchison County Schools

"Bring him in. He's a conduit to the students!"

--Linda Hicks, 5th grade teacher, Stoney Point Elementary

"Awesome job! Speaking softly and precisely made the students actually listen. Keep up the good work. You are a fantastic performer/educator!!"

--Carol Bishop, Site Coordinator, Meadow Lane Elementary School

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