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Kansas City Magic and Puppets Shows

Bob Goodin Is the ONLY Kansas City Magician offering Programs like these.  These shows were created in Collaboration with only a few other magicians in the US, Canada, Scotland, and Australia.


"Make a Splash" in the Summer of 2010 with

Set Sail

Get ready for another great adventure with this Cool Magic Show!

Your Children will LOVE this Magic Show!   The will howl at antics of Buster the Bookworm, Roosevelt Rat, and "yours truly". There is plenty of magic throughout the program. There is even a "play-on-words" trick that challenges the kids to think of the different meanings of some common words and, they are amazed as the words keep appearing from an empty box!

It gets all our imaginations, and our tickle boxes going, when we make up a story together. I begin the story and the kids fill in the blanks at various points. Claudia the Hippo, who always has food on her mind, cracks the kids up with her own additions to the story.

This program covers the Writing Process and how to use library and media center resources to improve student writing. Good readers make good writers and the single most important thing we can do to help our students improve their writing is to give them the tools they need: an understanding of the components of a good piece of written work AND examples of great writing. This program provides BOTH!

Color Your World takes the serious topic of diversity and presents it in a fun and magical way. Your students will learn conflict resolution, dealing with bullying, and accepting differences. They'll learn about sign language, Braille, and what it might be like to have different abilities and disabilities. The color of our skin, eyes, hair, and clothes make each of us unique. Our religions, beliefs, customs, and diets may be different. We may celebrate different holidays and even speak different languages. But, through understanding and tolerance, we can all live together even if we don't always agree.

This touching and heart-felt program is a GREAT way to kick off the school year by reminding students how to treat each other with respect. For this reason it is very popular in August and September (but great anytime your kids need to be reminded about these critical issues). If you are interested in beginning the year with a program that sets the stage of expectations, you may want to reserve your risk-free, no-obligation, cancel anytime reservation at least 6 months in advance. Like all of our programs, Color Your World has a heavy emphasis on reading and encourages children to further explore their diverse interests through the many opportunities available in the library.

Fun & Educationall Science Programs

Go Wild!

A Scientific Look at the Magic
in Our Own Backyard!

Join Safari Bob and his friends as they take your kids on a wild, imaginary tour of their backyards, neighborhoods, and community parks. Bob combines a unique blend of
education and entertainment" to creatively teach your young readers about the scientific process. Along the way students also learn interesting facts about animals, the environment and recycling. Using magic tricks, drama, puppets, stories, and music Bob makes reading and learning fun!

I had excited students coming in and asking for books. I love that! Thanks so much.
--Jane Evans, Media Specialist, Morgan Elementary

Using books from the Go Wild! Reading List, Bob introduces students to the scientific method. What we call the scientific method is actually a problem-solving method one that can be used in many different environments. Once students learn how to use this method, they will have learned a valuable life skill. Go Wild! supports standards set by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA); the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM); the Standards for English/Reading Language Arts, and the International Reading Association (IRA).

I appreciate you teaching children curriculum through magic. You are one of a kind!
--Candace Birdsong; Stony Point South Elementary

Throughout the 45-55 minute presentation Dr. Bob identifies and defines important words and concepts from the Go Wild! Vocabulary List. The words are presented in context and then defined, which helps in creating a meaningful reason for the children to assimilate the information. Teachers may find it useful to include some of these words as bonus vocabulary words, spelling words, or simply weave them into other lesson plans.

"Go Wild makes learning fun. The students recall vocabulary words from the presentation for weeks following."
--Sue Erisley; Morris Elementary

In particular, the Go Wild! program allows students to experience various steps of the Scientific Method in the context of a Magic Show with storytelling and drama. They will interact with Bob and be challenged to:
  • ask questions
  • observe situations
  • make a guess (form a hypothesis)
  • run experiments (test the hypothesis)
  • review the results
  • share conclusions
In addition to learning about the scientific process, students learn about the importance of recycling and how they can begin three simple steps to take ownership of their environment.

"Thank you for teaching us about metamorphosis, eagles, possums, frogs, and other animals.
And thanks for teaching us about science, experimenting, and hypothesis."

--Dairionn, 5th grader

Benefits of the Go Wild! production:

  • supports statewide learning objectives in scientific inquiry
  • motivates children to read books
  • integrates science and reading with daily life
  • increases circulation of library books

I believe your presentation was probably the best one we've had in many, many years.
--Raimy Hester; Media Specialist, Lincoln Elementary

Train in snow

Top Secret

Want a great way to hook kids into reading while teaching important concepts about geography? If so, TOP SECRET is for you. Join Secret Agent Bob as he takes young readers on an amazing mission solving clues that lead to tons of learning and fun in the library. Students will discover cryptic messages (Dewey Decimal numbers) that help them interpret maps, charts and photographs as they explore the world around them. This program takes a subject that kids find irresistible, in this case secret agents and spy gadgets, combines it with magic, puppets, and clues to exciting mysteries, and suddenly the kids are captivated. When Dr. Bob has their attention the subtle teaching about what is possible through reading books begins. At the end of the show the kids are all presented with their very own Secret Agent Bookmark which has a list of their Training Objectives. These objectives are a list of the subjects discussed in this program along with their Dewey Decimal numbers so the kids can find the books in the library. How many of your students currently carry around a list of Dewey Decimal numbers in their pockets? Kids who watch our programs do and they refer to them often as they try to read at least one book from each subject area.

Benefits of the TOP SECRET production:

  • supports statewide learning objectives in geographic relationships
  • motivates children to read books
  • integrates geography and reading with daily life
  • increases circulation of library books

The Arctic Express

This holiday season treat the kids to a program that trainload's of fun, filled with puppets, magic, storytelling, music, and audience participation. This train ride magically takes kids around the world to learn about winter holidays like: Diwali, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Lunar New Year, Ramadan, Hanukkah, and of course, Christmas. Yes, the program is educationally significant (Dr. Bob can't help himself, after twenty years of presenting programs, he is obsessed with creating the most educational programs available without compromising entertainment value), and yes, the program strongly encourages children to read. But don't think for a minute that the show is anything less than sheer delight for everyone, including teachers and staff. When you hear the sleigh bell ring at the end of the show, you won't be the only one to wipe a tear from your eye.

This is a show children will remember for the rest of their lives. Based on the statewide learning objectives for cultures and diversity, students also learn the importance of respect, the power of giving and the magic of sharing. In particular, the students will interact with Steve and be challenged to:
  • Value the similarities and differences in various winter celebrations
  • Recognize cultural expression through celebrations and rituals
  • Explain different celebrated holidays and cultural traditions
  • Be tolerant of the differences of others
  • Treat others with respect
  • Consider ways to give or share with those less fortunate

Benefits of the Arctic Express! production:

  • supports statewide learning objectives in cultures and diversity
  • motivates children to read books
  • integrates diverse cultures and reading with daily life
  • increases circulation of library books

Train in snow

Work Smarter: The Simple Machines Workshop

Available April 2007!

This hands-on workshop allows learners to handle wheels, pulleys, levers, wedges, incline planes and screws in a way that makes abstract concepts "concrete" (yes, the pun was intended!).

Bob Goodin comes in dressed as a construction worker, but the children from the audience are the ones who do the work.
Your tactile learners will come to life as they help figure out how to lift a 50 pound bucket of rocks with a 5 pound weight, and why a wedge is such a handy tool. Using levers your youngest students will be able to easily accomplish feats that NO human being can accomplish bare handed. This is a presentation that will be remembered and talked about for a VERY long time.

Teachers will have no problem tying lessons into the subjects taught. And because the program also promotes reading and media center resources, it is a program that everyone appreciates!

Throughout the program, the kids learn how simple machines help us Work Smarter, Not Harder.



This is a program developed specifically for 5-12 grade students. It takes the abstract concepts of statistics, determining probability, and multiplying fractions and presents them in a way that is compelling, exciting, memorable and FUN!

What are the odds of reaching into a shuffled deck of cards, grabbing four of them and having them be the four aces? First we calculate the statistical probability of such a feat and then one of YOUR STUDENTS comes up to attempt it!

How many combinations exist for a shuffled deck of cards? Would you believe that there are more combinations for a shuffled deck of cards than there are atoms in our entire galaxy? I'll prove it and then I'll do a trick that has even slimmer odds of success.

Statistics has never been this fun!

Catch the reading bug with this fun, new show

Bugs, Bees, and Circus Fleas

Bugs, Bees and Circus Flees

A Scientific Look at Living and Growing Things!

Join Safari Bob for an entertaining look at the world around us! Bugs, Bees, and Circus Fleas is a fun way to make science come to life! This exciting assembly program covers the life cycles of insects and plants, their importance to the ecosystem, how they help and harm humans, and more. Students will discover what makes the bug world the most diverse and largest animal group on the Earth. Designed around K-5 statewide learning objectives in science, Bugs, Bees, and Circus Fleas causes students to learn while having fun at the same time. Your children will laugh at the antics of Sheldon (my frog puppet) and my constant side kick, Roosevelt Rat. Children will be amazed as Safari Bob uses books, tricks, music and drama to illustrate fascinating things that live in their own backyard.

Benefits of the Bugs. Bees, and Circus Fleas production:

  • supports statewide learning objectives in scientific inquiry
  • motivates children to read books
  • integrates science and reading with daily life
  • increases circulation of library books

Bob Goodin Is the ONLY Kansas City Magician doing Shows like these.  These shows were created in   Collaboration with only a few other magicians throught the US, Canada, Scotland, and Australia.


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