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Bob Goodin Productions bills School Assemblies by the day, not by the number of presentations. To maximize the educational impact of our programs, we encourage you to schedule two or more smaller groups rather than attempting to pack all your students into one assembly.
All other programs (after-school, evening, and library) are billed by the presentation.

Bob Goodin Productions has put together the following resources for your use. Each one briefly outlines how best to prepare for one of our visits!

Guidelines for School Visits (requires adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0)

Guidelines for Public Library Visits (requires adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0)

Depending upon where your school or library is located we are prepared to waive some or even the entire travel fee if you help us schedule one of our programs in a nearby school or library. Read more about Sharing.



$800 (typically 3-5 presentations)
Split the day for $400


$500 (typically 1-2 presentations)


$275 (1- presentation between 3-6 PM)


$275 (1- presentation after 6 PM)


$250 (1- presentation whenever school is out) *

*Additional presentations of the same program, at the same location, on the same day, are $150 each.

The fee for a full-day (3-5 presentations) is $800. Some schools will schedule a full-day and have as many as 5 performances (one for each grade level).

Not only is this educationally sound, but it is also cost effective. Since we do not charge for the number of presentations, you can request up to 5 presentations of the same program on one day.

With the option to reduce the number of students in an assembly program, some schools choose to have the programs in their library or media center. This provides another advantage: Lunch time is no longer a scheduling issue.

A full-day can be split between two cooperating schools at no additional charge. For example, Bob could do two assemblies at your school in the morning and two assemblies at a different nearby school in the afternoon. Each school would only pay half of the full dayfee ($400 each). This allows each school to save $100 off the half-day rate. The only caveat is that both schools must book the same program on the same day.

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The fee for a half-day (1-2 presentations) is $500. Many schools will schedule a half-day and have two performances of the same program: one for lower grades (K-2) and one for upper grades (3-5). This allows the program content to be customized and age-appropriate.
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You may want to ask other schools in your area to see if they are willing to split a full-day.

We recommend that you send out an e-mail to the others in your district, region, or on your list serve and ask if anyone wants to share a day with you. By sharing you can save $100 plus split any travel expenses in half.

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After School Programs are $275. These events are a single performance given after school dismisses but before 6 pm. Your choice of program may be limited by what program(s) were presented during the day. This option is also limited by where a performer will be during the day. An after school event can only be booked AFTER a full or half-day has been booked on that date in your area.
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Evening Programs are a great way to promote book fairs, award programs, reward programs, and a guaranteed way to increase parent involvement in the PTA/PTO. However, for maximum impact and effectiveness the program should be scheduled on the same day as a day time program. Evening programs are $275. The evening program will be different from what was presented at YOUR school during the day unless you specifically request otherwise.
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Summer Library Programs are themed each year according to the State Library Reading program. All our programs are engaging, and laugh-out-loud fun, and they always encourage the kids to READ! Summer library programs usually book up several months in advance. There are also some stipulations. For example, during the summer I perform ONLY the show that is themed according to the State Library. If you want a different show, you may have to adjust the date of the program. The first presentation at a given location during the summer is $250, each additional program at the same location, same show, back-to-back is just $150. Library programs are only available during the school year on weekends, evenings and holidays (i.e. when school is not in session).

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Do you need a special event or district/system wide pricing? Call 1-913-345-9345 today!

Based from Kansas City, Missouri
Travel fees (gas, food, and lodging expenses) are very simple and straightforward. If that is not good enough, you'll be happy to discover that many of our clients NEVER pay travel expenses! Call our office to find out how you can opt out of paying any travel expenses at all.

Zone 1 - (0-50 mile radius)

$0 (no charge)

Zone 2 - (51-100 mile radius)


Zone 3 - (101-150 mile radius)


Zone 4 - (151+ mile radius)



Depending upon where your school or library is located we are prepared to waive some or even the entire travel fee if you help us schedule one or more of our programs in a nearby school or library. For more information about travel discounts, download our Mileage Map, identify your zone and then call our office to negotiate your discount. The mileage map requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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